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We at Yellow Duck Childcare understand the importance of finding the right loving and caring nanny who understands childcare and is committed to your family.  We are dedicated to hand selecting committed childcare staff who meet your needs.

We take time to fall in love with our nannies and believe you will fall in love with them too! 

Yellow Duck Childcare are able to support your search for full and part time permanent nannies, mothers help, live in nannies, live out nannies and emergency nannies.

If you would like some free advice directly from our professional nanny consultants about your childcare needs please give us a call on 020 7033 9761 or email us at team@yellowduckchildcare.com. 

Nanny Duties 

A typical working day for a nanny is to look after your child/ren. They are responsible for ensuring your child is loved and cared for in a stimulating manner. The nannies additional daily duties can include preparing meals, ensuring the child's/ren's bedrooms are clean, doing the children's laundry, assisting the children with their homework, preparing and organising stimulating and educational activities, planning the children's play dates, social calendar and extra curricular activities. Nannies additionally have a duty to inform the parents each evening about their child's day and progress. 

Full and Part Time live out Nannies

A full time nanny normally works for the family 5 days a week between 8-12 hours per day.

A part time nanny normally works for the family two, three or four days per week for 8-12 hours per day. Equally some part time nannies work 3-5 hours a day 5 days a week.  

Live in Nannies

Live in nannies live in your home and work 5 days a week between 10 -12 hours per day.  Some families require up to two baby-sitting nights per week included in the salary. A live in nanny should be given at a minimum her own bedroom for privacy when she is not on 'duty'. 

Mothers/Fathers Help

A mothers/fathers help normally works alongside the mother or father. Their responsibilities are the same as a nanny. Some parents require someone to help them care for their children. Some families require mothers/fathers help full time, part time or on a temporary basis. A mothers/fathers help can do up to 12 hours or more a day depending on the families needs. This is normally agreed between the mothers/fathers help and the parents. 

Estimated Nanny Pay Rates

​Nanny rates are dependant on the nannies experience, qualifications and any extra duties agreed between the family and the nanny. 

Daily live out nanny             £9-£15 plus net per hour 

Daily live in nanny               £300-£450 plus net per week

Overnight live in nanny      £500 plus net per week

Mother help                          £9-£12 plus net per hour


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Please note this is a guidance only. Rates should be agreed between the family and nanny and outlined in the contract.