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Emergency Day Babysitter

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​​​​​​​​​Are you in need of last minute childcare? Yellow Duck Childcare can provide help with your childcare emergency! 

​Yellow Duck Childcare provides an emergency day babysitting service for families looking for emergency day time childcare whatever the reason. Our day babysitters are carefully selected and screened by us and are only placed with families in line with our core values 

Booking emergency care is fast and easy. Simply book online or call 020 7033 9761.

Yellow Duck Childcare always aims to confirm a childcare carer for you quickly and promptly.   

Our fees 

Our simple pricing structure without any hidden fees makes it easy for you to arrange emergency care at any time. 

    •    Members booking fee: £25*

2 days     £50.00
3 days     £70.00 
4 days     £80.00 
5 days     £90.00

A booking of more than one week up to two months is subject to a 10% discount of the total fee payable. 

A booking of more than two months up to six months is subject to 30% discount of the total fee payable. 

    •    Non-members booking fee per day: £45*

If you would like to become a Yellow Duck Childcare member please- click here                     

Yellow Duck Childcare members receive priority on bookings and special offers.  

The minimum hourly rate for a Yellow Duck Childcare day babysitter is £9.00* per hour, rounded up to the nearest half hour. Rates are payable to the day babysitter by the family at the end of the assignment. Different rates apply for ‘special days’ e.g. Christmas and New Year, see FAQ

* 'Special days' day nanny rate: £12
* Booking minimum 3 hours

* VAT is currently not charged on any of our fees (Yellow Duck Childcare is below the VAT threshold).