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Babysitting costs

Yellow Duck Childcare babysitters fees are made up of:

  • Quarterly members registration fee: £15.00
  • Members booking fee:  £5.50 
  • Non-member booking fee: £20.00
  • Babysitters Hourly Rate: £8.50*

To book a babysitter simply follow these easy steps:

  • Yellow Duck Childcare will contact you with confirmation of your babysitter

  • Payment of yourbooking fee secures your babysitter booking

  • You pay your babysitter at the end of their babysitting assignment

The minimum hourly rate for a Yellow Duck Childcare babysitter is £8.50* per hour, rounded up tothe nearest half  hour. Different rates apply for ‘special days’ e.g. Christmas and New Years. For a full list of special days please see our FAQ - click here

*Special days' babysitting rate: £12.00

*Booking minimum 3hours

We accommodate late bookings but advise you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

 VAT is currently not charged on any of our fees (Yellow Duck Childcare is below the VAT threshold). 

Yellow Duck Childcare provides evening babysitting for families at your home, hotel or holiday accommodation. Finding a babysitter is easy and simple with Yellow Duck Childcare. All of our Yellow Duck Childcare babysitters pass a strict screening process before they are given any babysitting assignments, providing you with peace of mind and saving you time! Our core values are placed at the heart of all babysitting bookings. 

To ensure you peace of mind and save you time on your babysitting needs register with Yellow Duck Childcare